Phottix Nuada P LED Light
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The next generation of Phottix continuous LED lights, The Phottix Nuada P Softlight LED Panel is perfect for event photographers and videographers. At 255mm x 100mm (10” x 3.9”) it's easy to use hand-held, on the camera hot shoe or on a light stand. Great as a strip of accent lifght - fits in your pocket.

The Phottix Nuada P features:

Excellent color rendering with a CRI rating of 95+
Digital Power Control
Digital Color Temperature Control: 3300K – 5600K
Back light LED Display Panel
Soft light design

The Phottix Nuada series runs on Sony-compatible NP series batteries, including the NP-F550, F750 and F960. The Nuada can also be powered from mains using a 12V DC Adapter (not included). The Phottix Nuada series also features a 1/4” mounting lug and detachable cold shoe adapter.

What’s included:

Phottix Nuada P Softlight LED Panel
NP-F550 (2000mAh) battery
USB battery charger
Cold Shoe Adapter
User manual